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Born to a wealthy, unbroken, white Christian family in the upper-class suburb of Alamo Heights in San Antonio, TX, Mac Altgelt had the odds pitted against him from day one.  As with anyone born into his situation his future was uncertain.  The only certainty that existed was the difficulty he would encounter along the way toward a future that would provide escape from the condition he had been born into.  Showered in love and support, Altgelt would go on to perform mundanely at his school and among his peers but extraordinarily in his “extracurriculars”.  These extracurriculars encompassed skipping school, sneaking out and a host of other nefarious activities of the night.  Yes, his average performance at school was a mystery to all but he was, unfortunately, rarely present on campus to discuss potential solutions with teachers and administrators.  As time went by, Altgelt enjoyed mild local success playing music with his punk rock band at various local venues culminating in the release of a debut album, "We’re Not Hardcore”, through mp3.com.  With this and many other great triumphs dotting his resume he would go on to accept his invitation to Texas Tech University and made the long, arduous journey to Lubbock, TX in the Fall of 2002 at the tender age of 18.  College life was to be no easier, however, and Altgelt soon found himself a member of the largest fraternity on campus and, with no need to be employed, plenty of time to enjoy the perks of said membership.  He would spend the next four years gliding through an unchallenging Business program and throwing up at Frat houses until in the Spring of 2006 he waved goodbye to the collegiate life forever.  Upon his return to San Antonio he would take a job selling beer to various institutions only to leave nine months later upon the realization that perhaps more booze wasn’t the answer.  It was at this time Altgelt accepted a position as a risk manager, being so thoroughly schooled in risk due to his lifestyle previous, where he remains today.  It was in 2007 that Altgelt would dive back into the creative realm he had left behind with his departure for college and he began to write a blog, record music, write poetry, stories, books and make short films.  This would mark his return to the life he loves.  In 2016 Altgelt married his wife, Alex, and thus ended the era of tortured angst that had been his work's main inspriation heretofore.  Altgelt, however, maintains that, despite his current happiness, he remains determined to continue producing, at least palatable, art even without the powerful mistress of melancholy as a creative partner.  Success to be determined....              

Mac Altgelt